Car Crime & Security Advice To Become More Secure

A number of cars are stolen everyday in our country so car safety in very important for car owners. Whenever you hear the news you get to know the car theft crimes are increasing every day. Buying a dream car for your family is an important decision that every hardworking person do in his life.

Usually it is seen that people are very excited about buying a car so they don’t think about the long term security of the car. If you want to keep your car for the long time then you must know about the car security system and should take steps to ensure the car security.

Your car must be secure enough to be resistance to theft and other factors like performance, fuel economy as well. The annual British Insurance Awards specially recognized those car models that are best in every factor. The British Insurance is giving the annual award since 2004 and they give award to that car which is best in security and supported by every type of transport.

Car Crime & Security Advice To Become More SecureCar Crime & Security Advice To Become More Secure

All the awards are based on the security requirements as approved by the Thatcham Insurance group rating process. The winner of the award would the person who will score highest in theft security systems as well as performance. The eligibility criterion for award candidates is as follows.

  • The car considered for awards must be on sale in UK market with standard original equipment to UK specifications
  • The passenger of the cars must have achieve five star ratings from theft
  • The car entering in the competition must lie is E category of Insurance group ratings it means that it must exceed the security requirement of that model
  • There must be double locking in all the openings The car must have original equipment and Thatcham approved IA category alarm combination

Those who fully satisfy the above criteria will win the car security award.