Mercedes C200 Bluetec Review & Details with Pictures

Mercedes C200 Bluetec 2018 is one of the cheapest cars with a diesel C-Class. Audi A3 Saloon and BMW 3 series are its greatest rivals. It has a genuine 1.6-litre engine which is smallest diesel engine ever fitted in Mercedes. It is a cheapest diesel model with claimed economy of 72.4mpg which makes it more efficient car of the year.

Mercedes C200 Bluetec 2014 Review & Details with Pictures

It has the modest power and torque as compare to the other versions of Mercedes. Due to all these factors there is a strong competition with a diesel Audi A3 Saloon and BMW 3 series.The C200 bluetec diesel engine has powerful performance and it has comfortable feel around 1500rpm. It has a manual gearshift which is the best ever you will find in any current model of Mercedes.

However it is not as smooth as Audi A3 Saloon’s.Its interior is powerful and will be one of the powerful models of Mercedes. Its overall looks feel like a BMW 3 Series while most of the buttons and switches are sold and well damped. This model looks classier than previous ones.

All the models come with a 7inch color screen which controls a rotating dial and touchpad. You can control different functions with the touch pads. The rotator dial is quicker and easier to use on the move. But you have to say one thing that onscreen menus are not good as BMWs excellent idrive system.The drive can sit comfortably in this car as it is a safe car to drive.

The standard safety equipment includes seven airbags, a driver drowsiness monitor, and stability control and tyre-pressure warnings. The drives have plenty of space to sit comfortably. The glass rood here in this car is better than BMW series. There are many other features such as 17-inch alloys, flashier interior trim, heated front seats, LED headlights, lower suspension, front and rear parking sensors and sports seats.

Some of its systems are similar to Audi and BMW.If you want to buy a C class car that I would recommend you to buy this car because it is less expensive than C220 Bluetec and it has strong engine and automotive gearbox which favor this car. The few specifications of Mercedes C200 Bluetec with price are given below.

  • Engine size: 1.6 diesel
  • Price from:     £28,570
  • Power:           134bhp
  • Torque:         236lb ft
  • 0-62mph:       9.7 seconds
  • Top speed:     135mph
  • Fuel economy:   72.4mpg
  • CO2 output:     102-106g/km