Honda Pro Care Maintenance Package Launched in India

Honda Cars India launched in Pro Care Customer Experience Program – offering a bouquet of Packages for Customer Delight with Transparency of Information. The said packages have been introduced for all models in Honda cars India’s portfolio, except the CR-V crossover. Honda is also offering various other value added services under the Honda Pro Care packages, including anti-rust coating, paint protection, rodent protection, AC cleaning and interior dry cleaning. For the Brio, Amaze, Mobilio, Jazz and City, the maintenance packages offer a coverage of 2 years / 40,000 km (whichever is earlier).

Honda Pro Care

On the other hand, the packages for Honda BR-V, WR-V and Accord cover a period of 3 years / 30,000 km, whichever is earlier. These packages need to be opted for by the customer before the car’s 2nd free service. The said maintenance packages insulate the car owner from any rise in labor or maintenance charges for the said coverage period. These packages can also be transferred in case the car is sold to another owner.

3 Hours Express Service and 4 Hour Body and Paint Express Repair Service. Facility available at Key Honda Platinum workshops and will be extended to other workshops

Prepaid Honda Maintenance Package at Discounted Prices with Brio, Jazz, Amaze, City available for 2 Year / 20000 Kms and all New Honda WRV and BRV for 3 Year / 30000 Kms

Extended Warranty for 4th & 5th Year on Honda WRV, BRV and City while Extended Warranty for 3rd & 4th Year on Brio, Jazz, Amaze. Also – AnyTime warranty prices till 7th year is displayed. Also Road Side Assistance Package at discounted Rates of Rs 6150 till 5 Years is been Offered in.

Transparency by Displaying in Scheduled Service Cost of Honda Range of Cars till 1 Lakh Kms Service is been displayed in for consumers, where they can pre hand check on Service costs with Labor Charges of there Honda Car and be assured of rates in sync with Workshop rates

Details on Value Added Treatments in form of Honda Approved Anti Rust Coating, AC Cleaning, Paint Protection

Owner Manual – where as of now Owner Manual of Honda Jazz and WRV is there, but other car Owner Manuals will also be uploaded in.

Honda Pro Care Details

1. Honda Care Maintenance Package

Model Maintenance Pack Cost
Honda Brio, Amaze Petrol 2 Years / 40,000 Km Rs 11000
Honda Amaze Diesel 2 Years / 40,000 Km Rs 18000
Honda Jazz, City Petrol 2 Years / 40,000 Km Rs 13000
Jazz Diesel & City Diesel 2 Years / 40,000 Km Rs 21000
Honda BRV & WRV Petrol 3 Years / 30,000 Km Rs 9500
Honda WRV Diesel 3 Years / 30,000 Km Rs 15000
Honda BRV Diesel 3 Years / 30,000 Km Rs 16000

Amount rounded off, for Manual Transmission. Models where Automatic available has Rs 600 higher prices

2. Honda Extended Warranty and Road Side Assistance Package

Model Extended Warranty Pack Cost
Honda Brio 4 Years / 80,000 Km Rs 5800
Honda Amaze Diesel 4 Years / 80,000 Km Rs 7500
Honda Jazz, Amaze Petrol 4 Years / 80,000 Km Rs 7000
Jazz Diesel 4 Years / 80,000 Km Rs 8500
Honda City Petrol 5 Years / Unlimited Kms Rs 12000
Honda City Diesel 5 Years / Unlimited Kms Rs 17500
Honda WRV Petrol 5 Years / Unlimited Kms Rs 11500
Honda BRV Petrol 5 Years / Unlimited Kms Rs 12000
Honda WRV, BRV Diesel 5 Years / Unlimited Kms Rs 15000

In terms of Road Side Assistance Package – which remains same across all Models

Honda Road Side Assistance Cost
1st Year Rs 1800
2nd Year Rs 3000
3rd Year Rs 3800
4th Year Rs 4700
5th Year Rs 6100

3. Value Added Services

Value Added Service Hold Good for Cost
Anti Rust Coating Every 5 yr Rs 2900 – 3500
Paint Protection Every 6 Month Rs 715 – 915
Rodent Repellant Every 6 Month Rs 825
AC Cleaning Every 6 Month Rs 750
Interior Dry Clean Every 6 Month Rs 1250 (Brio, jazz, WRV) / Rs 1550 (Amaze, City) / Rs 1800 (BRV)