Essential Car Care Resolutions for Whole Year

When the New Year starts everyone try to make a list of things they want different in the New Year. Different people have different aims like losing weight, earn more money, quit smoking and many others but car care resolution must be in the New Year resolution list. If you don’t take good care of your car and ignore minute issues then you might land into serious problems.

Many people ignore minor problems occurring with their car and then after some time they go out of budget spending a lot of money to pay for the damage. So it is important to take the best care possible of your car in order to protect your investment and keep your car safe. Here I would like to tell you about Car Care Resolutions for whole year.

Essential Car Care Resolutions for Whole Year
Essential Car Care Resolutions for Whole Year

I will get my car oil change on time:

It is very important to stick to the oil change schedule if you want to make your car last longer. Get regular oil changes as your car engine will live longer in this way. Usually most cars need their oil changed every 3,000 miles, so you should strictly follow this schedule otherwise the life and performance of engine will be affected.

I will address my car’s minor problems early

To keep your car live longer, don’t ignore the minor issues occurring with your car. Pay attention to every minute problem as early as possible otherwise it will lead to larger problems and large repair bills in the end. Whenever you hear unusual sound, go and get your car checked.

I will keep a check on my car’s tires and wheels every 4 months

Always insure that tires are properly inflated. Check the alignment of tires regularly to maximize tire life and improve the mileage. After any trip you should wash the tires of car. If your car tires are worn out it is recommended to change them otherwise you will face lot of problems during the journey.

I will perform my car’s maintenance check twice in a year

Follow the strict maintenance schedule of your car twice a year to check the overall performance of your car. It means getting tires rotated, spark plugs changed, and transmissions serviced at regular intervals. Engine checkup, brake inspection, air-condition checkup, tuning, fuel filter replacement, inspection of lights are the important tasks recommended to be checked up.

I Will Wash My Car Inside and out At Least once a month

Keep your car clean because frequent washing and polishing is the best way to protect your car’s finish. You should keep the inside and outside clean helps to protect the resale value of the car which is very important. Car washing is as important as the oil changing.