Car crime & security advice Secure glass

The security of the car should not be compromised upon. For the new car buyer it is advisable to confirm from the dealer that whether their car has secure glass or not. The safe glazing is very important for the overall security of the car. It has various functions like preventing the UV lights from entering into the car along with reducing the noise. The glass should be powerful enough that it cannot be broken down by the thieves in order to steal all the precious items from your car.

Car crime & security advice Secure glass

Most of the time it happens that the glass is of low quality and it is destroyed by the thieves. The car manufactures are advised to use laminated glass for windscreen while toughened glass is used for all other doors and windows Car crime & security advice.The thieves hit the toughened glass with a hard object. It is broken down as a result the thieves steal all the expensive items from the car and dash away after they are done. After various cases reported regarding the breakage of glass the manufacturers have now decided to make doors and windows by using laminated glass.

It is up to the standards and can bear the impact of anything hard stroked upon it. In this way the thief can be caught immediately whenever he attempts to break the glass. This new idea reduces the risks of accidents and keeps you protected throughout your journey.Another similar protection of glass is done by using a security film. It is a thin sheet of plastic that is applied to the interior of the windows of the car.

Even if the glass gets broken, it is very difficult to break the film because it remains intact at its place preventing the robbery to take place. It prevents the light from coming inside and is very long lasting indeed. In conclusion it is recommended to use secure glazing rather than security film because laminated glazing is more secure as compared to the film.