Car crime & security advice Reducing risk of theft

The security of a car must be at the top to keep it safe from the thieves. There is rapid increase in the car crime for the past few years. One should be very careful about the car security in order to reduce the risk of theft. Whenever you park your car outside your house then make sure that it is safe. The anti-theft devices installed in the car make you relaxed and the risk of theft is reduced greatly. Car crime & security advice for owner. The driver should not give a chance to the thief to steal the car keys, number plate or the catalytic converter.

Car crime & security advice Reducing risk of theft

The experts give an advice the drivers to act upon the following points to keep the car safe and secure.

  1. First of all always park your car in garage to reduce the risk of car theft.
  2. Have an immobilizer fitted in your car because it protects the car by preventing the ignition to take place for a thief.
  3. Don’t leave the valuable possessions in your car because these will attract the thieves.
  4. Lock all the doors and windows of your car to remain protected because anything suspicious can happen with your car.
  5. Do not leave the keys unattended because the keys left on the table or office desk are attractions for the thieves.
  6. When you return back into the car, check the interior and the exterior carefully to note if everything wrong has happened.


If your car is in your private garage then consider in unsafe because parking the car in your own garage is not enough. It should be accompanied with other security and preventive measures to protect it from theft. In this way the risks of car theft can be reduced greatly and the society can be free from car crimes and thefts.