Car crime & security advice Number plate theft

The car owners must be aware of the fact that car crime has increased a great deal from the past few years. The number plate theft is at the top of the list among car crimes. The number plate of the car is very important in terms of your identity because without a genuine number plate you car is of no value. Now the manufactures have succeeded in making such number plates which are theft resistance. The risks of theft have been reduced in them.

Car crime & security advice Number plate theft

For the new car buyers make sure that dealers are providing you with theft resistant number plates otherwise request for them.If the number plates of your car are stolen then you should immediately inform the police. It might happen that you will be charged with penalties Car crime & security advice because the stolen number plates have changed the identity of your car. The genuine number plate if stolen can be involved in serious criminal activities. If you haven’t informed the police yet, then the police will consider you as the criminal.

The stolen number plates are used in wrong activities like moving quickly from the filling station without paying for the charges. The thieves can sell the car when the number plates have been stolen. While buying a used car make sure that is not stolen, has genuine number plates along with original papers.

To prevent your number plates from being stolen you should not park your car in a street with no street lights. Having no lights can be welcoming for the thieves. Park your car in your private garage to reduce the risks of number plate theft. Try to fit security screws in your car and devices like security alarms which can warn you if any burglary is going to take place. In this way your car will be safe and secure.