Car crime & security advice Catalytic converter theft

The car security is the burning issue these days. Make sure that your car is secure otherwise you will have to pay the price. The major car thefts include the catalytic converter theft which can be stressful for the car owner. First of all we should know what actually catalytic converter is. It is a device that eliminates the toxins from the car emissions. The thieves are very fond of stealing them because inside the catalytic converter there are three precious metals that include platinum, palladium and rhodium.

Car crime & security advice Catalytic converter theft

These metals are very expensive that is why thieves can’t let them go. That is why one should follow the security advices strictly.The drivers must be aware of such thefts especially if the converter is placed in the exhaust system beneath the vehicle. For those whose catalytic converters have been stolen know about the replacement costs. The petrol cars are at high risk rather than the diesel ones. The catalytic converters have great functions and they protect the environment from being polluted.

The area surrounding these three precious metals is very massive. Around the ceramic structures the manufactures have coated these metals over structures as catalysts and their sole purpose is to speed up the reaction.You should take preventive measures to prevent the catalytic converter theft of your car. Garage is the most secure place so always park your car in your garage.

Put a unique mark on the converter so that you can recognize it back after it is stolen. Otherwise you will not be able to differentiate it from other converters. If the car is parked in the street make sure that it is locked well and the street has enough lighting. If the car is parked in a deserted area then the thieves simply cut the converter from the exhaust pipe to get money after selling them.