Car Crime & Security Advice Keys and Key Theft

The car is no more unsafe if you pay attention on the securities of your car keys. You might have experienced if the keys of your car are lost then there is great stress and anxiety throughout the day until you finds them back. Make sure that no one else knows about the privacy of your keys. Theft of keys has increased the car crime ratio which can be very dangerous at times.

Car Crime & Security Advice Keys and Key Theft

Unfortunately if the keys are stolen then you have to pay a heavy amount in their replacement. Apart of that you will feel extremely insecure about your vehicle until the new keys are in your hand. Even if the keys are stolen make sure that there isn’t any valuable thing in your car like cash, jewelry, property documents etc.

Most of the times, the keys are stolen from within the house and in this way the thieves take the control of your car. Make sure that no one else knows the place where you put your car keys. Make two separate key rings because a single key ring can make you lost all other keys. They should not be placed near the front door because this can be a soft target for the thieves. If the keys are in your purse then take care of it and do not leave it unattended.

Now let’s talk about the steps to be taken if the keys have been stolen. First of all make sure that rely on other locks like steering wheel lock or wheel clamp till the locks have been replaced by the new ones. Immediately contact the police because they will provide you with a crime reference number which can be very helpful when you claim for insurance. If you have spare keys protect them more because thieves are very clever these days.