How Often Do You Need To Change Your Oil Filter

Oil filter replacement is a very common issue. It disturbs both the car owner and the car maker. There is an increasing competition in the car makers and every individual offers such a suggestion by which the cost of annual maintenance of the vehicle gets lowered. If is recommended by many experts that one must replace the oil from 6000km to 25,000 km or from every 3 to 6 months indeed. Another suggestion given by the filter a manufacturer is that is must be changed on every oil change of the vehicle.

How Often Do You Need To Change Your Oil Filter

Besides the above suggestions was the opinion all approximately all the mechanics was the change of oil filter on every oil change. They presented this opinion on the basis of their every day experience. The advancement in science and technology has also proved the fact that by changing oil filter; the particles of dust and debris are also filtered out.

The new technology is based upon the “flow-flow” process which means that the fuel first going from the reservoir to the engine passes through the oil filter. It serves as the primary protection for the engine by the removal of all the unwanted solid particles like dirt, carbon or metal particles. These particles when absorbed by the engine increases the life of the engine.

A point comes when no more solid particles are absorbed and that is the time to change your oil filter. It must be changes before the oil flow gets impossible. There is another path that is followed in case of catastrophic failure. It means that the oil flows from the bypass valve due to which dirt particles enter into the engine along with the oil.

The experts conclude that it only costs less than ten dollars to change the oil filter. So you should change it on every oil change otherwise you will have to pay a large sum of money like 1200 dollars for a new engine.