Ferrari LaFerrari Fastest Cars Reviews and Details

Ferrari LaFerrari is a prestigious gift for the racing lovers. In 2013 the LaFerrari was officially announced and was greatly appreciated by all. The first glimpse of Ferrari LaFerrari at its official launch was the most awaited moment of the event. It is so powerful with all the advanced features. Other models of this car include the 288 GTO, the F40, the F50, F 458 Spider and the Enzo.

Ferrari LaFerrari Fastest Cars Reviews and Details

In the following lines I have given the complete review and details of LaFerrari which is undoubtedly the fastest car of this year. By reviewing its specifications you will get a clear idea about this car that whether it is according to your needs or not.The magnificent LaFerrari engine is of 963-horsepower, 6.3L being V12. It is dynamically 6262cc. It gives along 9000rpm and 516lb ft of torque at 6750rpm. The additional power of 160 bhp will be provided to the LaFerrari.

The car is unique in its ways that the combustion engine and the Hy-KERS system are designed in such a way to be all in one. The other features include striving brakes the ABS system, the traction control system and even the E-Diff.It accelerates from 0-60 mph I just 2.9 seconds. The powerful LaFerrari has a 7-speed dual clutch auto gearbox.

This 2015 model of LaFerrari is very light weight that comes in various interior and exterior colors. It is an excellent example of balance by all the masses of various components. The disc brakes are made of carbon-ceramic by Brembo with 398/380 mm. Maximum speed attained by it is approximately above 217 mph. The tires of LaFerrari are strengthened made by Pirelli P-Zero Corsa with 265/30 ZR19 front and ZR 20 rear.Two passengers can ride in it. Its price is about $1.69 million.