Top Life Saving Driving Tips to Avoid Accidents

Diving is an attention activity and safely driving should always be your top priority. Basics guideline of safe driving and practice is the necessary for each driver. Proper driving can be avoided a lot of accidents. Make sure when you are driving a car that you are following all of the rules of the road. You do not drive, when you are in stress condition and be aware of what other drivers around you are doing. Remember; don’t drive drunk because alcohol causes a number of impairments that lead to accidents. We are providing the Top Life Saving Driving Tips to avoid accident.

Wear Your Safety Belt:

Wear Your Seat Belt

The list start on this point the driver and passenger on the front seat must wear the seat belt. Get into the habit of wearing a safety belt whenever you are in a car. It is necessary for both driver and passenger who sit on the front seat.

Focus on driving & Roads

Focus on Driving and Road

The second most common point in the list of driving tips to avoid the road accident is focus on driving and roads. Always focus on driving because the car is not the place for multi-tasking. Numerous accidents happen because a driver does not pay attention to what is happening on the road. Any vehicle immaterial of its size can be the cause of an accident.

Never use your cell phone:

Life Saving driving tips

It would help if you don’t use your cell phone or listen to music on full volume. There is no good reason to be talking on a cell phone while you are driving. When you are busy on a call and message then your attention is automatically divided and accident can happen. If you do not have a hands-free model, you will have to look at the phone to dial numbers. Even with a hands-free, you will be talking, which will distract you from your driving.

Don’t Change CD’s:

Top Life Saving Driving Tips

It is not good idea to be listening to music while you are driving anyway but if you are listening to CD’s make sure that you are not changing them while you are driving. These cause you to look away and even if you just take your eyes off the road for a second accident can happen. If you must listen to music, which itself is distracting enough, try using the radio instead, on your favorite station which is already preset so you don’t have to fiddle with it.

Don’t drive if you are unwell:

Top Life Saving Driving Tips

If you think you are distracted stressed fatigued or unwell and it will affect your judgment while driving you should not get behind the steering wheel. Any of these can slow down your reaction time and driving in such a state is unwise. When you are drinking, you do not have the same abilities that you do when you are sober, and that includes the ability to drive safely.

Avoid Construction Areas:

Top Life Saving Driving Tips

You may need to change the regular routes you take to work school and other places every day especially if there is construction going on. There may be detours which can be confusing for many people and cause accidents. There may also be debris from the construction that you could run over, causing tire blowouts or worse.

Slow down on Wet Roads:

Top Life Saving Driving Tips

The most sensible thing to do in adverse weather conditions such as heavy rainfall or fog is to slow down. Driving at high speed in heavy rain could lead to your car aquaplaning. Make sure that your car tyres have the right air pressure because overinflating tyres reduces the area of contact with the road, resulting in loss of rolling friction on wet surfaces. Keep it simple at first and get as much supervised practice driving in poor weather as you can before trying it on your own.

Follow the rules of road:

Top Life Saving Driving Tips

Just like speed limits there are other rules of the road that you must follow if you want to avoid having accidents and getting traffic tickets. If you are approaching a stop sign or a red light start slowing down long before you get to it. so that you are able to come to a complete stop at the stop line.