10 Most Reliable Keys to Long Lasting Vehicles

If you want to give extra attention to your vehicle to get ready for the summers then April is the best time to do it. The key to improve your vehicles performance is the basic care a vehicle needs. Always remember that when you neglect your vehicle for a long time it can cost you expensive repairing fee and you will also lose your vehicle resale value. Routine checkup and maintenance of a car is very important for the life of car and it also helps to avoid costly repairs need for the car. Here I would like to tell you 10 basic maintenance steps to keep your car working fine long time. Look at the steps given below:

10 Most Reliable Keys to Long Lasting Vehicles
10 Most Reliable Keys to Long Lasting Vehicles

Check the fluids:

It is very important to stick to the oil change schedule if you want to make your car last longer. Get regular oil changes as your car engine will live longer in this way. Usually most cars need their oil changed every 3,000 miles, so you should strictly follow this schedule otherwise the life and performance of engine will be affected. Always check the fluids of your car frequently which include engine oil, power steering, brake and transmission, windshield washer solvent and most important antifreeze/coolant.

Check the hoses and belts:

Always check the hoses and belts to make sure that they are not cracked or loose or show the signs of excessive wear.

Check the brake system:

Check the brakes and replace the leather brake pads of car if they are worn out. The braking system is the vehicle’s most important safety item so be safe.

Check the battery:

Keep the battery connections cleans and corrosion free. Connection of the battery should be tight. Replace the battery if needed.

Check the exhaust system:

You should inspect the exhaust system of your car for any leakage or damage or any unusual noise. The damage in the exhaust system may prove dangerous so get it corrected.

Schedule a tune-up:

If you haven’t done tuning of your car go and have it done before weather change because it can cause various problems such as slow performance, hard starts and things like that.

Check theheating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system:

Always check the heating and cooling performances for better safety and comfort.

Check the tires:

Now move on to wheels and tires and check the tire pressure. If you live in area where there is snowfall and ice then you must consider special tires designed to grip slick roads. In winter season tire pressures need to check weekly

Check the wipers and lightening:

Always check the interior and exterior lights of a car for proper function. If wipers are worn out replace them with new ones for clear visibility during rainy season.

Inspect the steering and suspension system:

You should annually check the steering and suspension system of your car including shock absorbers struts and chassis parts such as ball joints, tie rod ends and other components.

By following these steps properly your vehicle will work longer and would be safe.