Infographic 6 Vehicle Warning Smells and Its Solution

Human nose is so much powerful that it can distinguish between millions of smells. There are many smells in car that are normal but some smells could mean trouble for your vehicle. There are six vehicle warning signs your nose can recognize. Here I would like to tell you about few smells that means something serious is going to happen to your car. Remember that once you recognize the smell don’t delay in fixing it to ensure your safety on the road. So always keep your car checked from a reputable garage. Here I would like to tell you about Six Vehicle Warning Smells.

Infographic 6 vehighcle warning smells and its solution

Infographic 6 Vehicle Warning Smells and Its Solution

Burnt Rubber:

If you notice a burnt rubber smell then it could mean slipping drive belts or misplaced loose hoses that might be rubbing against rotating accessory driving pulleys. Always check anything after the engine is off.

Hot oil:

If you notice the smell of hot oil it means there is leakage of oil onto the exhaust system. If you want to verify the leakage you have to look for oil pavement or smoke coming from the engine area. Always turn off the engine before checking the leakage.


The smell of gasoline is generally gas leakage or fuel tank leakage. If you notice smells of fuel don’t ignore and take immediate action because it can provoke fire.


If you notice the sweet smell of syrup it is a sign of coolant leakage from the engine from a component related to the car coolant system. Caution should be taken while opening radiator and don’t open until cool.

Burning Carpet:

If you notice the smell of burning carpet it could be a sign of brake trouble. Have your brakes checked especially if you are driving car.

Rotten Eggs:

The smell of rotten eggs means the catalytic converter is not converting hydrogen sulfide in the exhaust to sulfur dioxide properly. Immediately get your engine checked if you smell rotten eggs aroma.

If you notice any of the above six warning smells immediately get you car checked by a local car mechanic because he can help you in fixing the problem.